Francine In Retirement
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We are thankful for the service of our fallen men and women

who gave their lives for our freedom.  

We appreciate their many sacrifices and

know within our hearts that they are now home in God’s hand,

where death and morning are no more.  

Where their will be no more war and pain,

tears and sorrow are wiped away.

While Flowers



12 Responses to “IN THEIR HONOR”

  1. A beautiful tribute for Memorial Day Francine.

  2. very nice tribute.

  3. A lovely tribute to our fallen soldiers, Francine.

  4. Thank you so much for these healing words on Memorial Day, Francine. As the son of an Army pilot who is MIA, I feel blessed to have come here today. {{{Hugs}}}} Kozo

  5. nice tribute 🙂

  6. Yes, a lovely and touching tribute Francine.

  7. Love your tribute to those brave men and women, Francine.

  8. Beautiful post!

  9. Exceptional tribute to those who serve ….

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