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Memorial day in America signals the start of BBQ grilling season.  It’s the time to fire up the grill for food, fun and parties in the backyard or at the park.



I do love summer as a rule,
I’ve time to play and there’s no school.
There’s peace and quiet, yes, until,
My dad decides to use the grill.

“It’s cook out time!” comes from his mouth
And birds leave early for the south.
For the ball park near us it’s no joke.
Last year ten games were called for smoke.


As everybody clears the scene,
He lights the coals with gasoline.
Ever since he scorched his hair,
He has asbestos underwear.

The burgers sizzle, then they flare.
As Dad calls out, “Who wants ’em rare?”
We all shudder when we see.
His dangerous rotisserie.


The free range chickens twist and turn,
And drip on wieners as they burn.
When this aroma spreads through town
Our neighbors hose their houses down.

He boils the vinegar and oil,
For salad he has cooked in foil.
The fire department came to see
One cookout when he burned a tree.

He roasts the corn right off the ear,
His blackened brats we really fear.
Dad’s secret sauce, he stirs with glee,
To spread on ribs that stick to me.

And when we all sit down to eat,
We chew and chew and chew the meat,
And praise him, even though it’s bad.
Cause after all, he is our DAD!

—Grandpa Tucker 1996

The above photos were taken of the chef who served the crew on the set of Tom Cruise’s movie, Jack Reacher, which was filmed in part in Pittsburgh.



12 Responses to “HOT GRILL”

  1. Thanks for the chuckle Francine 😀 Love the BBQ shots.

  2. That made me hungry!

  3. Such good fun 🙂

  4. Thing of beauty. You gotta love bbq season. Thanks for the smile Francine 🙂

  5. Brilliant poem.

  6. Cute poem. I can relate to the chew and chew part.

  7. I do miss bbq season in the States.

  8. I looove grilled BBQ. 😀 This post made me drool. And I had to read it when I’m really hungry! 😦 Now I have to find something to eat, just so I can get my mind of the bbq. 😀

  9. We just rented this movie this past weekend. How fun to read this post and get alittle more insight to this movie.

  10. That is simply hysterical! Photos are perfect for the poem. Well done!

  11. What a fun poem, Francine. 😀 WE love to grill here in South Africa, but we call it a ‘Braaivleis’ which literally translated from Afrikaans, means ‘Burnt flesh’.

  12. haha … the things we commit ourselves to in order to enjoy a holiday.

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