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I want to show my support and appreciation for this community of bloggers by listing, over a period of time, some special blogs I read.

Every Thursday, I will publish a list of blogs that I enjoy.  They have been a great source of encouragement, inspiration and information. This is not an award, but a “SHOUT OUT” to them.  I hope you will check out these wonderful blogs.  I am sure you will be blessed by them.

Sorry for being a little late in posting.

If you don’t see your blog listed, the time will come when it will be.

Mike creates images. An unusual word to use with photography, create. But it’s true. It’s very rare that he would post an image S.O.O.C. (straight out of camera). He is a firm believer in using software like Photoshop on his original image to transform it into his vision. He photos are amazing.

Charis Psallo is the pen name of a woman born in the second half of the last century. She knows that God loves her just as she is, but too much to leave her this way. By His grace she is still subject to change.  Visit her blog and you will be changed as well.

The Retiring Sort is a window on all aspects of retirement, through her personal research and experiences. Posts will include information on financial planning, housing, health, lifestyle, or other issues as she work through her own retirement plan.   And she will share her reflections and ruminations on how those various aspects of retirement are affecting her and those around her – as well as her general thoughts, from time to time. I hope you will enjoy following her story, and that what she has learned will be helpful for you as well.

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods is the first in a series of speculative fiction manuscripts, for which Cheryl is seeking publication. These short stories feature some of the characters in a time set before the novels.  (Set in 4041, the first book begins on Christmas Island, Japan.) Alexand Merek is a woman who treasures “Bad Things,” and delights in music. She has done something stupid, placing those she loves in danger. Women like her are not welcome in the ordinary world, where women who play piano and dance with wives are placed into, “The Bad Thing Box.” Alexand must fight to bring her lost family back together to save them from an unimaginable fate. (If you would like to see this book published, please press the follow button. The writer gives life to a story, but the reader keeps it alive.) I hope you will visit her blog and read her wonderful stories.

The beauty of nature can be inspiring, calming and thought-provoking. From the smallest to the world beyond them, the images can make you curious. Colour, contrast, form, details and expression are captured. The passion is shared. The ‘meaning’ is personal, totally yours.  His goal with this site is to make it as his creative outlet, have fun, and never ‘stop’ learning, discovering or exploring. Approaching photography from a graphic arts background, post production is part of my creative process. When he is not documenting or capturing what I have not seen, he likes to make beautiful pictures. His nature photos are awesome.

Elisa is a former flight attendant, avid traveler and backyard adventuress who lives for a good laugh, and is hopelessly drawn to people with a little twinkle in their eye. She lives in the Atlanta area with a sweet good sport of a  husband, two teenagers and a couple of wacky dogs, and her goal is to squeeze a little more out of each day and share a bit of the good parts. She takes wonderful photos and writes wonderful words.

Anita feels the phrase – “So much to do, so little time” really resonates with her. She has an array of varied interests to keep her busy, and need considerably more time to do them all! No one will ever say that she didn’t give it her all! So, the question remains ….where to go next? ….what should she do?  How should she do it?  That is how it started when she packed in her job, put her house in storage and started a trip around the world. This is about dreaming about what to do, where to go, how to do it and more importantly – sharing what she has done!

Meet Susan and  from central Massachusetts.  She is a mom, a teacher, a gardener, a reader, an arts advocate, a sometimes cook and a dabbler in photography.  She hopes you’ll grab a cup of coffee and stay for a while.  She take beautiful photos that you will get lost in.




  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am honoured and glad that you are enjoying my adventures, tips and travels! Happy travels to you too!

  2. Thank you Francine! I too am honored and happy that you enjoy my photos! Thanks again for the mention!

  3. What a cool idea for recognize bloggers!

  4. Thank you for including me in your shout out this week, Francine – a lovely mood-lifter, which you knew I needed! Thanks, too, for the introduction to a few new blogs – I look forward to getting acquainted with them. God bless. XOXO

  5. What a very varied bunch of blogs you like.Such talented people.

  6. Thank you so much, Francine.

  7. I love the variety!

  8. Hello Francine…..thank you so much for mentioning me. I am really pleased that you like my photographs and take time to comment on them. Meanwhile I am going to have a look at some of the other bloggers you have mentioned this week

  9. I see some of my favourites here, Francine. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  10. This series, Francine, is very generous of you. Thanks for giving us all new blogs to read and discover.

  11. Wow! Such a fantastic blog, with so much to discover in it. Francine, I’ve been “out of it” for a while, and this is a fabulous discovery to get with it again 🙂 Bless you!

  12. Francine, there are so few people in the world who have a gift for encouragement -instilling courage in others. You are one of them. Bless you, sweet Lady!

  13. thank you for your “best of” links again, good concept, Francine!

  14. Thanks for introducing some cool blogs that are new to me, as well as some I already enjoy reading. A great series.

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