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The Fountain at Point State Park in Pittsburgh has finally reopened with a ceremony attended by the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett  and the beginning of Dollar Bank’s Three Rivers Art Festival.   At its peak the water spouts 150 ft in the air.

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Here are my photos of the beautiful curves of this amazing fountain for The Daily Post at weekly challenge showing curves.  They were taken on a gray and windy day, June 13, 2013.  Hope you enjoy them.







Below is a video of the fountain at night. Pittsburgh’s Riverlights at The Point




  1. that looks cool 🙂

  2. Great idea using water to portray curves, Francine, and a very creative response to the challenge.

  3. Superb idea and photography, Francine! I’m loving the variation on “Curves”. 🙂

  4. Splendid Francine!

  5. Brilliant entry …. plus I love fountains. *smile

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  7. Very unique for the them!

  8. the second photo

    with the tower architecture in the background as CONTRAST to the water of the fountain = a great work of photo ART, Francine! Timeless good, featuring a CONTRAST of curves and straight lines, of flowing vs. standing still…

  9. My uncle has owned a fountain company for years, ever since I have had a inspiring love for them. Have a great fathers day weekend.

  10. It’s a very beautiful fountain.

    In Hamilton, we have a few historic fountains. The most recognizable is the Gore Park Fountain.

    There was chatter several years ago to create a new landmark by placing a large Vegas style water jet in the middle of Hamilton Harbour so that motorists passing over the Skyway Bridge would see this long tall plume of water shooting into the air day and night. The infrastructure was presumed to be cost prohibitive but the biggest negative of the idea was it’s proposed location.

    Much of the shore of Hamilton Harbour is lined by huge steel mills; Stelco/US Steel Canada and Dofasco/Arcelor-Mittal (I know that the former steel producers of Pittsburgh are well-acquinted with them). When you pass the city via the Skyway, those mills dominate the view, are felt by most to be eyesores the like of which the presence of no fountain could improve, and the prime source of pollution in the harbour. Many said it would be ludicrous to make a geyser of tainted water be a landmark symbol of a city already maligned as a “stinkin’ steel town” of troglodites. The idea failed to pursuade anyone.

    A large and majestic fountain like the one in Point State Park may be a better idea to add to our collection.

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  12. Great choice for this week challenge, Francine.
    Happy weekend.. Best wishes to you.. !!

  13. Beautiful fountain.

  14. Beautiful photos! 🙂

  15. Wow, Francine, these are some excellent curves!!!
    Happy weekend!

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  19. A sight to see

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  21. Interesting take on the theme…. appreciate your stopping by ☮

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