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sunset power linesP


lost energy 2P



“When the trees and the power lines crashed around you,

when the very roof gave way above you,

when the light turned to darkness and water turned to dust,

did you call on Him? 

When you called on Him,

was He somewhere up there,

or was He as near as your very breath?”

― Jan KaronA New Song

I was playing around with some software and came up with the first two images converted from my original photos.  What do you think?



14 Responses to “HIGH POWER LINES”

  1. I really liked “Energy Sunset.” Well done

  2. I like your images…Very nice!

  3. Terrific, Francine – especially the second: it suits the poem perfectly! 🙂

  4. These giants always make my heart skip a beat – we have them all over the desert here and they just look so out of place, but of course are necessary. The poem reminds us there is something greater and more powerful. Thanks for sharing – it’s beautiful, as are your photos.

  5. Electrifying post! Xxoo

  6. Very clever images, especially when you look at the last one to see from where the first came. Great manipulation.

  7. Energy Sunset is my fave! Well done, you.

  8. Nicely done, Francine. I, too, liked Energy Sunset the best.

  9. Very nicely done, Francine! I love both … maybe a tiny bit more, the “lost energy”. Happy Thursday, my dear!

  10. Love them both, but I too like the second a wee bit better 🙂

  11. Cool pictures! I usually try to avoid powerlines in my photos, but maybe I should rethink that.

  12. Wonderful images and words, Francine. 🙂

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