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I remember as a young girl my mother and step-father taking my siblings and I to the Pittsburgh Airport to see the planes takeoff and arrive.

It was an exciting adventure for all of us. We were able to enter the terminal and go to the observation deck where the view was beautiful.  In those days passengers would walk out on the tarmac to board their planes to adventurous destinations.

Today Pittsburgh is a large International Airport and after 911 only passengers are allowed to enter the terminal.  How sad, my grandchildren were never able to experience the fun I had in my youth of visiting the airport.

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The Aeroplane

I sweep the skies with fire and steel
My highway is the cloud
I swoop, I soar, aloft I wheel
My engine laughing loud
I fight with gleaming blades the wind
That dares dispute my path
I leave the howling storm behind
I ride upon it’s wrath.

I laugh to see your tiny world
Your toys of ships, your cars
I rove an endless road unfurled
Where the mile stones are the stars
And far below, men wait and peer
For what my coming brings
I fill their quaking hearts with fear
For death…is in my wings.

— Gordon Boshell, written after watching Battle of Britain dogfights from the streets of London.

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12 Responses to “AAA CHALLENGE”

  1. Reblogged this on Flickr Comments and commented:
    Airplanes & Airports – I have never forgotten how to rejoice at the miracle of flying …

  2. I do miss being able to meet people as they get off the plane.

  3. Things change, but not always for the better. There are so many things we can’t do safely anymore. Walk home from school alone, go camping in a VW van without staying in campsites, go for a walk after dark. Very sad that we have to worry about these things, but nice that we (the older ones) can say we experienced the freedom to have done these things.

  4. I have said this so many times, how the 911 has ruined the traveling experience for families…

  5. Ah, you’re so right, Francine!!

  6. I can never forget the thrill of my first airport visit either! That was when I was nine or ten. Didn’t get on a flight until a decade later! 😉

  7. As I am currently traveling, this post resonated with me a great deal. Will be in an airport again this Friday going back home to Singapore. Can’t wait!

  8. I love aviation and aeronautics. 9/11 has certainly created loss in so many ways. It’s sadening; infuriating. A great technology used for destruction further deprives children of experiences that could inspire them to one day be great aviators.

  9. Wonderful memories for me, too, going to the observation deck at the airport to see planes coming in and taking off. . And the small town I live near has an airport that has only one flight to Las Vegas only, and we have to walk out on the tarmac to the rolled out stairs to the airplane. Really old school:)

  10. Great !!! photo, Francine, though that poem gave me a chill. May we never face days so dark again.

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