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I’ve crossed or visited many bridges in the last two years. Below are a few I’ve seen and photographed through the lens of my camera.


A Bridge Of Friendship

As Americans throughout this great nation

We need to come together out of unity

And build a bridge of friendship

To show that the terrorism acts won’t work

Because they were intended to separate us

But they have only united us even more.


Now the differences that each one of us have

Shouldn’t make that big of a difference in the bridge

Because all that should matter should be

That we are Americans and are proud of that

That’s the only way that we can solidify it

And help to make it something we can be proud of.


Let us live forevermore in love and peace

And let solidarity be our war cry

As we fight the battle to stop terrorism

Not as one country but as the whole world

So that ‘United We Stand’ is no longer just an American phrase,

But that of the entire earth and all of its Nations.

Michael Reaves

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12 Responses to “BBB CHALLENGE”

  1. Great post, Francine.

  2. Very inspiring, Francine, and a wonderful post.

  3. thank you for your Michael Reaves quotation, Francine!

  4. Your blog posts stay with me, even after I leave the page.
    Well done.

  5. Beautiful, Francine!

  6. Wonderful bridges, Francine [both literal and metaphoric!]

  7. Beautiful photographs accompanied by beautiful sentiments!

  8. Beautiful post accompanied by beautiful song and poem. Thank you, Francine

  9. Wonderful gallery, poem and song, Francine. 🙂

  10. Brilliant, Francine. Thanks for sharing

  11. The song is very emotional. The words from the Simon and Garfinkel song are beautiful. Super excellent entry for the challenge. The poem puts it all together, Francine. A stellar entry for Frizz’s challenge.

  12. It gives me great pleasure to share these awards with you Francine for your beautiful blog and your support of mine. Please check out:

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