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After hearing the verdict in the George Zimmerman case I feel disappointed.  I have a teenage grandson that my daughter and I worry about each and everyday.  He is a fine young man, honor student and athlete.  Loved and respected by everyone.  Labeled as a model for his peers.  Yet any day he can be mistakenly profiled because he is an African-American male.

I don’t think people realize the fear African-American women have about racial profiling of their sons.  It use to be profiling by the police, now it can be profiling by anyone.

We have always believed that we must strive for the peace and unity between all people.  To encourage respect, love, have appreciation of our differences that can unite us rather than divide us.  In the end, we turn to God for our answers because the battle is not ours but the Lords.

Please join me in listening to the below song.



40 Responses to “THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS”

  1. I pray that your grandson never is in those circumstances.; l

  2. Only thing the Lord ask of us is to stand still for the battle belongs to Him

  3. This awful verdict just legalized vigilantism. What is wrong with us???

  4. I’m all for racial harmony between all peoples. I hope things improve so that your grandson never has to feel the evil of racial profiling.
    We know it’s time to change and many of us have the will to change,, it’s a case of getting hatred off the streets and out of our homes and hearts.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. I too pray that the Lord opens the eyes and hearts of those who are so full of hatred against other races, to see that we are all one, and that we must love each other. As the mom of three Mexican-American sons I also pray that they are never singled out by the hate of someone on the streets.

  6. I was really shocked by the verdict, Francine. The words of the song are very encouraging.

  7. Thanks Ad. A lot of us were shocked, but we must look to a higher power for encouragement. I am glad you were encouraged by the song. It was posted to soothe the shock and look beyond for hope and unity.


  8. Very disheartening, isn’t it. 😦

  9. Heaven help us all.

  10. I was in shock… The shooting should never happen. To encourage respect, love,… well said, Francine!

    • The problem is that it happens more than not. Other cases aren’t as well publicized. But our help still comes from above for the benefit of all. We seek unity as people.


  11. I am sorry your grandson has to experience racial profiling and that you and your family must be worried for him all the time because of it.
    I can’t imagine how frightening that must be. Francine you wrote a brave and important post during a turbulent and confusing time. I can’t understand how a young man is shot dead just 70 yards from his home and there are no consequences for the shooter. The music is touching.

    • Thank you Ruth for your comment. Life for an African-American male is not easy. From birth they are taught how to carry themselves in a world that may misjudge them because of their color. To date my grandson has not been approached by anyone questioning his right to freely move forward in his life. But the threat is always there. We try to combat it through faith, prayer and education. He is mentored by positive male role models ( black,white and Hispanic ) from teachers, religious leaders and a former NFL football player since elementary school. We have been blessed.


  12. I just don’t get it, Francine. He was told not to follow the young man. At the very least, he should have been convicted of manslaughter. The very least. It’s sickening.

    • Yes it is sad John. We must review the laws that allow something like this to take place. Thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated.


  13. I was shocked to hear the news in London. Just shocked. Sending positive thoughts back home.

  14. Well said, my sister, well said. You picked a wonderful song. I love Yolanda’s song “The Battle Is The Lord’s.” Indeed it is.

    Stay encouraged! Shalom . . . .

  15. Francine, this is a fallen world…one day your grandson will be singing in heaven with the rest of us a new song!

  16. Jesus is the answer for this world today..What would He do. We should not have to be afraid, women should not have to be afraid to walk alone, children should feel safe in their homes and not fear abuse. Our world is twisted but we know the outcome. Hallelujah! God bless you and yours..

  17. Thank you Roberta! We know God’s will will be done on earth as it was done in heaven.


  18. Reblogged this on Jitterbugging for Jesus and commented:
    From my friend Francine’s wonderful, usually upbeat blog “Francine in Retirement.” There’s an awful lot of hurt and terribly hurtful commentary in the land today. Grace & peace to you and all who are hurting, Francine.

    • Thank you Rev. McKay for reblogging this post. I appreciate you encouragement and support. We as Christians know the truth and it has set us free. We await for God’s will to be done on this earth.


  19. Francine, we have not met through your inspiring blog but for almost a year when I followed another blog by a Methodist minister I noticed your comments. I was, and am, impressed by your charity and faithfulness to that blog. I’m no longer allowed to comment on that blog and found this poignant article in another place.

    Francine, I cannot say that I know how you or any African-American parent feels because that would be false and insulting to you. I have never been the victim of racial or religious profiling. I cannot imagine the terror that one must feel — captive in one’s home, especially after dark, not even feeling safe in one’s street or neighborhood, afraid to run out to a local store to get a quart of milk or a loaf of bread after dark. The Supfeme Court decisions and a nasty, racist block in our House of
    Representqtives and several southern statehouses attest to the fact that
    this is not the case. Our society has regressed. This is a sad and discouraging fact. So many battles that we felt were won reappear with more vengence and hatred than ever.

    As Christians, Francine, we know that this is not the way that the Lord intended it to be. I don’t know if I could repress anger as well as you seem to be doing. It is obvious from the faith you have expressed that you hope and trust in the Lord.

    By your words, you have given me a lot to think about, Francine. And I thank you for that.
    Be at peace, you wonderful soul.

    Alice LaChapelle
    Albany NY

    we are regressing. This is a sad, discouraging picture of our society today.

    we are regressing.

  20. Greetings Alice. I am touched by your comments. As Christians we operate under a different set of laws. I was disappointed not angered with the decision in this case and not really surprised at its’ outcome.

    We know the life an African-American males must live, even in this day and age. My daughter and I always pray that a hedge of protection be put around our children. To this day, God has not failed us. In reality we know that in these days the love of the greater number has cooled off. It is still our responsibility to reflect as best we can the character of Christ. Being imperfect, this is not easy, that is why it is a walk of faith.

    It is by showing love, mercy, peace and forgiveness that we can bring about unity among people. If we strive for this in our day to day activities we will recognize that we have more to unite us than tear us apart.

    Praying all God’s blessings for you and your family. It is my pleasure to have shared one with another.


  21. Thank you for your kind and generous reply, Francine. I have signed on to your site because I want to hear more of what you are saying. I want to learn from you. And, believe me, Francine, I have much to learn. Right now I have much bitterness in my heart because I have been terribly hurt by another person whom I trusted. I do not want to continue to have these feelings. I do love my Lord and I try to be the follower and disciple that He wants me to be. There are three wonderful blogs that I was led to last year — all authored by two Franciscan priests and one – a former Hollywood producer who is a lay Franciscan who has committed his life and talent to producing beautiful (but disturbing) documentaries of the terrible things that are happening in Africa and Haiti. His blog, especially, is truly food for my soul.

    Peace, and thank you,l Francine,


  22. Living in Simi Valley at the time of another volatile trial was a tough life lesson.
    The verdict of the Rodney King case was read just as I got to the off ramp that day coming home, but the State Police were already there stopping every car, checking all our ID’s.
    Our town and much of LA exploded with that verdict!
    Now I live near Orlando and have had to endure, as has everyone else here, 2 more explosive trials.
    After Casey Anthony, Zimmerman, the LAPD/King and so many other anger provoking trials, is it any wonder that there are so many questions about whether justice still exists in our country?
    We are all asking how these cases end up as they do and if fairness and justice can still be found in our courts.
    It would be good to remember what King said, “can’t we all just get along”
    but if we cannot, can we all at least be given our equal rights and can justice be served in the courtrooms?

    • Thank you for your comments. I pray there will be changes in the future. Did you hear the President’s speech today. Here it is.


    • No, did not see it.
      Believe that perhaps “stand your ground ” should be abolished, it seems to make some feel empowered to shoot at will, with no fear of repercussions.

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  24. May we all learn from this double tragedy. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. Peace to you and yours. I too have a grandson who has worn hoodies.

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