Francine In Retirement
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Leaning Barn


By Erin Yorke

The old barn stands

Abandoned, rustic,

Rusting, slowly yielding

To the wind and rain.

Once home to cows or sheep,

Chickens, pigs, horses

Rafters resounded with

Moos, baas, oinks, and whineys.

Now home to crows, mice, rats

Wayfare wildlife, feral cats.

The wind howls through

Open doors, broken windows.

Every year robs

More siding

From tottering walls.

The artist pauses to capture

The testament to the past

With camera’s click

Or painter’s brush

Before the old grey barn finally tumbles

In splinters, done in by storm

Or wrecking crew

Unwilling to tolerate

Its drunken swaying in the wind.

Old and tired,

The ancient barn

Sighs adieu.

These photos were taken while traveling through the countryside in Byesville,Ohio, aboard the Byesville Scenic Railway.

Visit Where’s My Backpack? for more tilted scenes.



20 Responses to “TRAVEL THEME: TILTED”

  1. Love the skeleton! Great entry for tilted Francine

  2. Montana is full of places like this. I think they make perfect subjects for photography.

  3. Maybe it should be named the Pisa barn!
    Beautiful photos, Francine and choice of poem.

  4. The truth about life!
    Eventually, it all comes tumbling down…

  5. A perfect find – hope it doesn’t topple completely!

  6. Both photos and poem are perfect for the theme! Thank you for sharing, Francine!

  7. The words and pics go hand in hand. Great tilted, Francine. No
    Matter what the theme or challenge, your responses are pluperfect!

  8. Great photos and wonderful poem to go with them..

  9. Fantastic photographs! I wanted to hold my breath for fear I’d blow the old beauty over into a heap. 🙂

  10. A ghost barn brought to the present by your snapshot. They are captivating images of age.

  11. Love it and the lines from the poem The artist pauses to capture

    The testament to the past

    With camera’s click

    Or painter’s brush
    -completely sum up my reaction to seeing old barns.

  12. perfect combination of picture and words.

  13. A very nice poem and a great find!

  14. Wonderful poem and images.

  15. Wonderful but sad images, Francine. Love the poem. 🙂

  16. wow! that is real tilted…and love the skeleton(?) hanging and the barrel outside. makes it looks like someone actually uses this barn ♥

  17. Reblogged this on Sherry's Space and commented:
    Am I seeing things, the barn is crooked LOL

  18. I’m the poem’s author, glad you enjoyed it. Please check out more of my stuff, including plenty of nature poems, by going to, section Beyond Prose, where you’ll soon see my name, Erin Yorke

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