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We don’t always have to dress up in a costume to have childlike fun.  Just read the article below to see how.

How To Be A Kid Again


 Children don’t try to control or suppress their energy; they simply let it express itself in the most natural way in the moment. They don’t think, “hey look at the beautiful butterfly, I wonder where it’s going? Should I chase after it? Will I look stupid?” No, they just feel the energy bubble up inside and spontaneously allow it to happen, no thinking just feeling. By not suppressing their energies and allowing it to flow, they are constantly tapping into that inner source of infinite energy. Once they stop moving they let their energies settle and gradually go into a state of peaceful sleep. The reason they sleep so peacefully and naturally is that they don’t suppress anything so things don’t carryover into their sleep.

Take the time to think about the last time you really let loose and played like a child. A time when you let all your physical movements dance with joyNot worrying about how your actions would be perceived by others. A body free of tension and stiff mechanical movements. When you allow your body to be completely loose and fluid you will begin to notice your subtle energy body. You will walk gracefully and feel weightlessness inside you.

When you carry unnecessary tension, anxiousness, and stress within you, you feel heavy and stiff. Your energies are constricted and not allowed to flow.

Strip off the stiffness and have fun again.  Enjoy everyday with childlike enthusiasm.

To view more of above article visit here.



14 Responses to “HOW TO BE A KID AGAIN”

  1. Excellent commentary with the usual colorful pix too, sistuh! You’re good.

  2. Like your thinking, Francine! What happens to us when we get older and lose some of the spontaneity and excitement? I don’t want my energy to be constricted. YIKES. Will keep these thoughts in mind.

  3. Thanks for reminding us that we can be carefree and tension free if we allow the kid in us to take over us. It would be great and I am sure I will end up feeling really really good. Beautiful post. Take care and be blessed.

  4. Great advice comiing from you, Wisdom Lady.

  5. That is fun, fun, fun. I do wish we all can be kids forever. My son will love the Star wars clone trooper. He’s a fan! have a great week.

  6. Well said, Francine!
    Happy Monday an new week!

  7. These are fun Francine 🙂

  8. Great advice for everyone 🙂 Thank you, Francine!

  9. Fun, fun, fun!

  10. Every weekend after the work week, I say this to myself…time to be a kid again. Yipee! Great post.

  11. These are some smile-inducing photos, Francine, and the commentary wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  12. YAY … I always want to be a kid. hahaha
    Great images, Francine.

  13. Hooray, I love to play!

  14. Great advice. I think being around children helps keep us young as well. Adore those costumes 🙂

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