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“Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”




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I find one of the joys of blogging is to have someone recognized my photos and respond with a personal story behind the photo.

Such was the case when I did a post about the covered bridges of Bedford County in Pennsylvania last October.

To my surprise Carol Cuppett wrote me in appreciation for posting the Cuppett Covered Bridge which has been in her family for decades.

Carol and husband Jim


Jim’s cousin still owns the Cuppett Brothers Farm and sells his corn, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

Carol suggested If traveling by car you must drive up Cuppett Road to the top of the Ridge.  The Ridge Road is lined with apple and peach orchards and is a beautiful drive in the early spring when the trees are covered with blossoms and the late summer when they are covered with apples.

 Picture of Apple trees


Carol shared some memories of her son giving his future wife her engagement ring at the bridge, and how her mother-in-law told them that somewhere on the bridge are the initials that her father-in-law carved to show his love for her

Inside Bridge 



Carol also shared two pictures of her 2 youngest grandchildren taken in 2008 at the bridge.

Pictures of Grandsons




Sharing a history of a place gives it greater value and appreciation for its existence.  Thank you Carol for sharing with us some of your memories of Cuppett Covered Bridge.


“We do not know the true value of our moments until they have undergone the test of memory.”

 Author: Georges Duhamel





  1. How lovely! What a nice incentive/reward indeed. 🙂

  2. Covered bridges were a way of life and relatively common back east in New England where I grew up. These pictures are a very pleasant reminder. Thanks for sharing these

  3. That bridge is a real treasure.

  4. I so admire people who remember and treasure their history and share it with their children and grandchildre..
    Very nice, Francine.

  5. Well done and the quote is beautiful too. I read about how if a wooden bridge is uncovered it does’t last many years but covered it can last 100. Nice memories.

  6. Oh that’s really special Francine 🙂

  7. What a heart warming and romantic story, Francine. 🙂


  9. Wisdom and photographic skills. Great combination!

  10. Very well captured… 🙂

  11. How adorable are those grandkids. Looks like a lovely spot.

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  13. A great old bridge!

  14. Inspiring post, Francine. Happy weekend.. 😀

  15. There’s something magical about covered bridges. Francine. How wonderful that your blog reached someone who could supply some history of this bridge. Thanks for sharing both with us.

  16. What a neat surprise! thank you for sharing. ♥

  17. That bridge certainly has history and truly special. Am glad the owners connected with you. That’s in appreciation for honoring something so dear to them.

  18. How wonderful! The odds seem so small don’t they? That is why it makes it all the more special. I had a friend respond to my post on the Death Railway….his grandfather had worked on it!!

  19. Love the bridge pictures … all of them.

  20. I’m sure it made posting the bridges so much more special knowing the history behind the bridge. Great photos of it.

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