Francine In Retirement
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15 Responses to “THE DUNK TANK”

  1. Oh this brings back memories. Never did it myself, but enjoyed watching it when I was a kid. Haven’t seen one in ages.

  2. I would find this really scary, as I don’t like my head going under water, but your pics are great, Francine.

  3. The first pictures is almost surreal. Great fun, though!

  4. Just came by to check on you Francine. Thinking of you and wishing you well. xxooRuth

  5. Missing you Francine!

  6. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. If you would like to participate just go to my blog for details. Have a great day!

  7. Hi there, Francine. I’m missing your posts. I hope all is well with you. Love, Sylvia. xx

  8. Hi Francine! I see you haven’t posted in quite awhile – I hope everything is ok with you. I miss your posts – hope to hear from you soon. xo

  9. Miss you … hope everything is ok….

  10. I know you weren’t feeling great, and everything gets too much sometimes, so I’m just popping in to wish you well. Hope retirement is being a little kinder now. Take care 🙂

  11. Hope all is well! Great pix, as always

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