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 It’s not quite a winter wonderland, but we received our first taste of winter on Nov. 12th, enough snow to tell us the seasons are changing.

The heaviest of the snow came down overnight, switching over from rain with the dropping temperatures.

According to the National Weather Service, November 12 was the snowiest day in Pittsburgh history with 2.4 inches, breaking the previous record of 1.7 inches back in 1911. (information taken off the internet)

As I looked out my window that early morning before the break of dawn, I saw our first snow fall.  A blanket of snow on the cars, lawns and trees, and what looked like cotton balls on our cobblestone street made an interesting sight to see.

When the morning light appeared I saw that the cotton balls were really falling leaves covered with snow.



15 Responses to “FIRST SNOW”

  1. Stay safe with the snow Francine

  2. Seasons come and go. Enjoy while it lasts. There’s always some beauty to behold.
    Lovely shot!

  3. Pretty but I don’t want any!

  4. They do look like cotton balls don’t they! Beautiful photo, Francine. Stay warm! 🙂

  5. It’s a pretty shot, but I don’t envy you, Francine 🙂 Almost time to hibernate!

  6. A beautiful picture Francine. I’m waiting to see if the forecast of an Arctic front hits us this week as predicted.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  7. The snow on the two sides of the walkway looks like whipped cream…so pretty.

  8. High winds tonight. Your snow looks soft and inviting. Are we ready for a snowy winter? Guess we’ll find out shortly

  9. I think that chilly air must have swept the continent. It’s cool here too on the west coast.

  10. Beautiful photo of snow. We are having 84 F today…

  11. I was born in a desert community. Now I am thrilled to experience snow and there is beauty in it as well, but has it negatives too.. (:

  12. Seems so early for snow. We have had flurries but no snow has stuck on the ground yet.

  13. That’s some early snow for sure. Enjoy it!

  14. I’ve seen my first snow. I had to drive to Michigan to see it but there it was. If only that was the extent of my snow experience for the season. 🙂

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