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The famous Rubber Duck made its’ first visit to the United Stated by floating on the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

One million visitors came to Point State Park with their children to see and photograph this great event.

I remember, as a child, having this wonderful duck floating in my bath tub.  We had a wonderful time splashing away.

While on a trip to New York City, we stopped by the M&M store and was greeted by some wonderful yellow smiles.

The smiles symbolized the happy time we had visiting this city that we found truly never sleeps.

There is nothing like seeing a touch of spring in the form of a yellow daisy on a cold winter day in Pittsburgh where the temperature with the wind shield is minus 30 degrees.

Yellow Daisy

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13 Responses to “GIVE ME A TOUCH OF YELLOW”

  1. Wait, is that the same duck they had at the Hong Kong Harbour? great choices for yellow 🙂

  2. Yellow is such a springtime colour. Nice!

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  4. JUST what was needed…yellow and sunny and sweet on a bitter cold day!!

  5. We had the giant yellow duck in Darling Harbour, Sydney early 2013! He’s back in another Sydney river suburb mid-this month!
    Love yellow!

  6. Thanks for the sunshine on a cold day though not as cold as your area! But then your posts always seem to bring some sun!

  7. What an amazing thing to see that giant yellow duck floating by

  8. I love the color yellow! Thanks so much for sharing this cheery post Francine. All your posts brighten my heart with every visit.
    Blessings, Gina

  9. Great and happy choices for the challenge, Francine. 🙂

  10. Whoah! That’s one awesome giant rubber duck. Awesome yellows!

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