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The weather has been so cold, minus 10 degrees below zero with no end in sight, here in Pittsburgh.  It was a joy to see and hear these beautiful cardinals gathering around the bird feeder.  They reminded us that spring is just a few months away.


A Cardinal In Winter

A sunny cardinal in the tall, snowy evergreen tree
Wore a shining coat the shade of red berries so joyfully.
While I looked dreamily outdoors towards the small, white,
Wintry woods
I wished for summer days where pine boughs had donned cottony hoods.
Suddenly then the brilliant cardinal all at once took flight
With feathered wings opened up and a flying path, very bright.
A quiet wonderland for all lasted in powdery white.
The world beckoned with shimmery hands and its silvery might.

Gayle Sweeney

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16 Responses to “TAGGED “C” – CARDINALS”

  1. I know. I don’t like this cold.
    Here in Virginia, I think there is an end in sight. Well…it is supposed to go up to 40 degrees tomorrow. After all this extreme cold, 40 degrees actually looks warm. 😉

  2. I didn’t think there’d be birds in the winter, beautiful captures 🙂

  3. lovely shots! we have these beautiful birds in arizona – i didn’t know they liked snow.

  4. I love cardinals (on pictures). I have never seen a real live one because we don’t have them out here on the west coast. Would love to see a real one someday.

  5. Ah, bless! Look at the male cardinals so brightly poised against the snow. These are wonderful!!!! Cher xo

  6. I love these bright red birds, Francine. They certainly look wonderful against the snowy background. 🙂

  7. What fantastic little splurges of colour on the landscape.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. So pretty, I find it amazing that our tiny birds make it through the cold.

  9. Love these pics! Cardinals are a fave around here – and the Virginia State Bird!!

  10. Your eyes always capture such beauty in living things…thanks for sharing the beauty of these cardinals!

  11. They are beautiful against the white snow! We have them here in the spring. I am glad you are feeding them there – too cold for me!

  12. I have a cardinal on my blog header. I live 20 west of PGH and have lots of them in my backyard at my birdfeeder too. LOVE THEM!

  13. such brilliant birds, they look marvellous in the snow!

  14. Awww … they look so cold. They are very beautiful and colorful.
    I have them here in Florida but the weather is a lot warmer for them.
    Great photos of them.

  15. your red and proud cardinals in white snow made me smile so much, thank you Francine!

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