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The Empire State Building, a New York City Landmark and a National Historic Landmark, soars more than a quarter of a mile into the atmosphere above the heart of Manhattan.

The building is not only an awe-inspiring NYC landmark, which offers one of the most spectacular views on earth, but an unequaled symbol of American ingenuity and Art Deco architecture.

My photos were taken from the top of a double-decker tour bus and from the Observation Deck at the Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center.

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  1. Tall buildings are always appealing, great shots Francine.

  2. Great photos of this majestic building!

  3. I agree totally with Amy. Lovely shot and waht a majestic building! I’ve never been there, sad to say…
    DIna ♥

  4. […] EMPIRE STATE BUILDING | Francine In Retirement […]

  5. I’d love to see it one day. Must be hard to photograph unless you can get far enough away.

  6. we’ve been there on my wife’s 50th anniversary – a lifelong wish, and indeed, the view (and the photos) were spectacular…

  7. Such a majestic building, you have done it justice

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