Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography




If this is work, and I know it is, sign me up!

I have always liked taking photographs. When I retired I made it my job to photograph life through the lens of my camera.

Whenever I would see a cameraman I would stand as close as I could behind him and capture the images he focused on.  This was one way I learned how to improve my pictures.

Attending sports events, where and when I could, I would position myself in their area so I could see things from their advantage point.

I learned about point of view and composition.  Sometimes I would be up close and personal and sometimes I would be at a distance to capture  the whole scene before me.


Then their were times when I could photograph a cameraman as he accompanied a newscaster  on an interview.

With all things said and done, I find being a cameraman is a wonderful and exciting job.  It doesn’t matter if you are paid or not.  Capturing an image saves it forever.

This post was inspired by The Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing – Work.



35 Responses to “IS THIS WORK!”

  1. Looks like fun to me!

  2. This is where movie magic happens 😀

  3. What an interesting perspective. Well done!

  4. I think that any job where you use your creativity can be enjoyable. and those cameramen bring so much joy to people’s lives through what they film.

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  6. Well you are a super fast learner and do a terrific job behind the lens !

  7. That job would be fun except for the weight of the camera.

  8. Nice to see you “at work”, Francine 🙂

  9. Interesting post Francine. I think it’s a great job. And you have the best of both worlds. You don’t have to deal with cranky editors and office politics, which is what makes it a job for them I’m sure.

  10. money for nothing, I can understand you, Francine, photography is fascinating! I still remember your wonderful YouTube slide show, featuring the graffiti of Pittsburgh. Jazz music in the background. No money for the best things – music:

    • Thank you for remembering that. I enjoy the music you play on your blog posts. It’s always a pleasure to listen to them. You work your music and we benefit from it.


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  12. what a wonderful way to learn!

  13. Well said Francine, well said!!

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  15. I couldn’t carry those big cameras!

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  17. So original to photograph the cameramen/women! Great portraits.

  18. Haha lovely pics. 🙂

  19. This is why parents tell their children to choose a career that they love and it will never seem like work. 🙂

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