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Pittsburgh is an incredible melting pot of cultures from every part of the world. In the nineteenth century, the influx of new Americans arriving to work in the steel mills and factories made Pittsburgh one of the fastest-growing industrial cities in the country.

Today, the result is a pastiche of customs, cuisine, and linguistic oddities that are absolutely unique. Golden onion domes rise above South Side, a traditionally Ukrainian area of town. Large stone Presbyterian churches dominate downtown, where wealthy Scottish immigrants settled and built homes for their native faith. The gorgeous century-old St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oakland testifies to the millions of Catholics who live in the region.


The Cathedral of Learning, located at the center of Pitt’s campus, is crammed with classrooms funded and designed by immigrant communities from the early 20th century. Called Nationality Rooms, they encompass nations and ethnicities and feature iconic interior designs, furniture, and textiles. Some rooms are simply beautiful—and the winter tour of the decorated rooms is a great way to celebrate a Pittsburgh holiday.

Visit my earlier post on the Nationality Rooms, here.


The mix of linguistic traditions has resolved into a creole of absolutely unique expressions and pronunciations called Pittsburghese. The signature “yinz,” a contraction of “you ones,” is Pittsburgh’s version of the South’s “y’all.” It’s the word that helps define the region’s flavor.

This article was taken from the internet under Cool Pittsburgh.

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  1. We passed by Pittsburgh once, and I liked what I saw of the place. It’s even lovelier hearing about it from you. 🙂

  2. So much culture and vibrant life! 🙂

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  4. Beautiful Pittsburgh! The architecture looks great. I love to see the city in the near future.

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  8. The more I see of Pittsburgh through your eyes the more I want to visit!

  9. I have never lived in the city..It looks fascinating!

  10. Both of my boys (at different times) attended a Governor’s School program in Pittsburgh for several weeks of summer. Each time we visited we stayed at a hotel quite close to the Cathedral of Learning. What a lovely building!! Every visit I remember hoping that my boys would attend Pitt so we could spend more time in the city. (alas, they did not) I quite enjoyed Pittsburgh!!!

    • It is a wonderful place to live and go to school. My granddaughter is a junior at Pitt and in her first year in the Pharmacy School. I am glad you had a chance to visit here.

  11. I love living in a large city because of the diversity. My neighbors are multi-ethnic and it is wonderful. That Cathedral of Learning is very impressive!

  12. a wonderful vibrant city Francine, I love how mixing cultures produces something extra, a fizz and depth of creativity and innovation … what a great place to live!

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