Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography



“A man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therein, and will continue to produce their kind.”
― James Allen, As a Man Thinketh


This post is the beginning to some wonderful things I’ve learned over the past few weeks.  I hope you will return to hear more.



9 Responses to “GARDEN OF OUR SOUL”

  1. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    Just beautiful

  2. I love your title and look forward to more, Francine! 🙂

  3. I look forward to learning more Francine. I the meantime I have feasted my eyes on the beauty of the flowers you have shown us.

  4. Beautiful photos! I am doing my best to do the cultivating work.

  5. How beautiful this garden is Francine! Thank you so much for bringing your photographer’s eye to this garden and sharing it here. 🙂

  6. Of course I will!

  7. Looks wonderful, Francine, and I cannot wait to hear more.

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