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When I first started my blog I wanted to feature the photos I took of life as seen through the lens of my camera.  Those photos would show the good, bad and the ugly side of life.  In past posts I’ve shown you the beauty in God’s creation. The wonders of nature.  The diversity of people and cultures.  The violence killing of our children.  The protest in our streets for change.  The homeless.  The abandoned houses in our cities.  And the end of life in a funeral’s procession.

The simple act of kindness is another matter.  It is a state of being “unruffled and  unflappable.”   Kindness is a behavior that flows from love.  It is, therefore, behavior that is gentle, pure and totally rooted in good and for the good of another person.  Kindness refers to loving behavior that is mellow and gentle.

Kindness is a manner of speaking and acting.  It is an attitude, a quality of behavior that stands firm without forcing others to their knees.

When I sought out advice from a wise old minister about what do you do when you are in doubt, he said “DO THE KIND THING”.  A principle that has served me well so far in life and hopefully as well in the future.  We cannot always control the circumstances in our lives, but we can control our actions towards them.

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So I end this post with a slide show of my favor color for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Purple.


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  1. What an exquisite, uplifting post – thank you, Francine – you are an inspiration!

  2. Your minister said wise words.
    I enjoy what you post Francine – your posts are always so positive and look on the good side of human nature.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Francine! you captured all so perfect 🙂

  4. Great tip. Never heard this before but sound advice!

  5. hi Francine,
    I like our INTRO fragment: “The diversity of people and cultures. The violence killing of our children. The protest in our streets for change. The homeless. The abandoned houses in our cities. And the end of life in a funeral’s procession…” = a wonderful concept for a blog!

  6. Thank you for the inspiring kindness post, Francine! Love the color purple.

  7. Kindness and purple…I adore your combination. I so like rhodies…. 🙂 Thanks for playing!

  8. Thank you for the kindness in all your posts.

  9. this Blog is perfect,i am so glad i visit you,take care ,EM

  10. fabulous purples francine!

  11. I love azaleas very much, what a wonderful slideshow of beautiful photos!

  12. Beautiful blossoms, Francine, but I really love the photo of the child being hugged. Pure joy!

  13. kindness is such a cool invention, isn’t it? and it’s a choice! how liberating is that! 😀

  14. Kindness colors our hearts and that of others with everything that brings inspiration and hope.

  15. Glorious purple photos and very wise words to live by – lovely combination for these challenges!

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