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Do you remember as a child saving your penny, nickel or quarter to feed into the gumball machine?  Originally one penny, the standard cost of one gumball in the United States is now a quarter.

During my childhood this piece of bubble gum cost a nickel.  The machines could be found in the supermarket, the corner stores and at the amusement parks.

I would put my nickel into the slot at the base of the machine, turn the handle clockwise at a 360 degree angle and wait for my piece of candy to be dispensed into a chute at the bottom of the machine that was closed off by a little metal hanging flap.

I remember putting that big round piece of hard candy in the jaw of my mouth, sucking on it until is became soft, and then crack into it and start blowing large bubbles.  Boy, was that fun.  If I was lucky I would come across the gumball machines that had the small rectangular pieces of gum and you received a handful of little pieces instead of one large piece.

I saw these lines of gumball machines at the mall and they brought back some odd ball memories of childhood pleasures.  Do you have such odd ball memories?


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  1. Good luck!!! And yes I remember the gumball machines!! GRIN!

  2. Yes, Francine! 🙂 I remember. There was a tiny shop a block away
    from our elementary school. Back in the day when candy bars were a dime, the pinball machine cost a nickel, and a big single piece of
    Bazooka bubble gum was a whole penny. Geez, I feel old now. 😉

    Another odd ball, Uncle Tree

  3. Oh I adore this photo. Excellent. Thanks for playing.

  4. Yes, Francine, I remember all of those machines. Sometimes, we would get lucky and find one that still accepted a penny for a piece of gum but those were few and far between. We reacted like it was giving us gold nuggets instead of gum. 🙂

  5. I miss these Francine. Funny the things we remember from our youth.

  6. Oh Francine, what a totally fun memory! I remember both the round (so sweet!) and the little squares! Haven’t thought of either in years, thanks for the memory! Love your opening shot!

  7. I used to get my gumballs for a penny, which dates me! Sometimes there were little square pieces that came two for a penny! For a quarter, we could get a little plastic troll doll, and that will date me too!

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