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The Pirate Parrot introduced in 1979, The Pirate Parrot is the popular costumed mascot of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He entertains the crowds at all Pirates home games by dancing, interacting with fans — young and old — and leading cheers.

In addition, The Parrot often appears at events and fundraisers throughout the region, as well as Pirates team functions.


Iceburgh, the official mascot of the Pittsburgh Penguins, has been entertaining hockey fans worldwide since 1992. As one of the Penguins’ most popular ambassadors, not to mention one of the NHL’s most beloved mascots, you can find Iceburgh leading cheers and dancing in the aisles at every Penguins home game, attending major hockey events around the world, visiting local schools, or just spending time at local hospitals and community events. There’s no doubt about it, Iceburgh is one busy Penguin!


The Pittsburgh Steelers. They stand for might. They stand for strength. They stand for hard-working, old-fashioned, American blue-collar values. They stand for … Steely McBeam!

Steely is the youngest mascot, having been introduced to Pittsburgh in the summer of 2007.  He seems to be a hard-working steel man, who wears a hard hat, carries a steel beam and has Bill Cowher’s jaw.  McBeam doesn’t look funny and friendly like the other mascots; he looks more like someone you might want to get a beer with.


The Pitt Panther but better known as ROC has now been alive for over 100 years. He is a formidable addition to any athletic event at Pitt. Whether it is football, basketball, or an olympic sport there is always a chance that you will run into the beloved mascot. Most recently ROC was awarded ‘All-American’ status as well as being named the 2010 ‘Most Collegiate Mascot’ at NCA’s Collegiate Mascot Camp. This award is given to the mascot that showed the most school spirit and was most enthusiastic throughout their time at camp. ROC has also been active in the community as of late. Whether it is charity events, community functions, parades, birthday parties, and even weddings, ROC brings his Blue and Gold pride to share with all.

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  1. Awesome post, Francine 🙂

  2. These are fun. The Eagle and Bull look very angry. Grrr!

  3. It’s fun to watch little children come face-to-face with one of these mascots. You never know whether they’ll hug the mascot or flea into a parent’s arms.

  4. Magic, I think I like the eagle best!

  5. colorful and cool 🙂

  6. Cute mascots, Francine 🙂

  7. an amusing mascots report, Francine! We don’t have it here, only a goat is a well known mascot from a (very bad) soccer team in Cologne.

  8. Lot’s of fun :)))

  9. Those mascot`s ROCKS Francine ….. 🙂

  10. Nice fun! Got to know something new! 🙂

  11. I always wondered how the costumes get laundered? Do you think the smell gets bad or the wearer gets used to the odor?

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