Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography




“Periodically a shadow my hover over our lives,

but don’t allow it to shut out or hide

the beauty beneath.”

Francine Gassette

“Nothing good comes from hiding in
the shadows”
― David A. Broughton

This photo of the Grand Canyon was taken a few years ago.  It wasn’t until I downloaded it, that I realized the clouds above were casting the shadows below.

Lately this photo has reminded me of where to place my focus in life. Although the shadow was there all the time, it didn’t prevent me from seeing the beauty of God’s creation before me.  My wake up call!

I’m back.  Thanks for all your concerns and prayers!





  1. Just Beautiful words and image!

  2. I have missed you!!!!

  3. Hi, Francine, so nice to see your face on WordPress, and view your beautiful work and words. Your photograph is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Wow! Hi Francine. You’ve been missed. Glad to see you back.

    This is a gorgeous photo to mark your return with

  5. Beautiful view. Nice to see you again Francine 🙂

  6. Thank you. I’m glad to be black and look forward to reading your posts.

  7. Oh Francine you wouldn’t believe how often I’ve thought about you! I’m so glad to see you!

  8. Francine! How fabulous to have you back! A smile split my face when I saw your name in my Inbox. 🙂 Take good care!

  9. oh Francine, how wonderful to see you back again. you have often come to mind these last many months. welcome back!
    and what a beautiful click to come back to. thanks for sharing!

  10. Glad you are back!

  11. Welcome back, Francine! I was thrilled to see your gravatar. I thought about you on the NY Eve and on the NY day, and wondered if you’d be back. Thank you for visiting me, Francine! ❤

  12. Awesome. Never been there.

  13. Great to see you back again, Francine. I hope you are well. Great photo for the challenge. 🙂

  14. So happy to see you back, Francine!

  15. Beautiful words and picture! Thanks for finding my blog, made me find you 😉

  16. Great shot!! Love the captions undertake photo as well. Very fitting.

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