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January 7, 2014

View a slideshow of my adventure to Amish Country in Pennsylvania and Ohio, two of the largest Amish communities. I must admit I am fascinated by the Amish people and their simple lifestyle. I’ve visited and toured their home, enjoyed a home cooked meal, seen their beautiful landscapes, taken an Amish buggy ride, visited their school and learned a […]


September 14, 2013

INSIDE AMISH BUGGY INSIDE AN AMISH HOME The PA Amish lifestyle has remained largely unchanged since they settled in Lancaster County 300 years ago. On the surface, the PA Amish lifestyle might appear to be staid and inflexible. However, it reflects a way of life that is based on a literal interpretation of the Bible, […]


July 26, 2012

AMISH FARMLANDS I live in the city and I like what urban life has to offer.  When some people I know retire from the workforce, here in the United States, they often migrate to Florida for the weather or Arizona for health reasons.   If I could, I would move to the beautiful landscapes of […]


July 21, 2012

TRADITIONAL AMISH BUGGY AND HOME While visiting the Amish country in Pennsylvania and Ohio I had the fortune to see an Amish buggy and visit inside an Amish home were we were served a wonderful meal.  Below are the photos of that experience. AMISH BUGGY The Amish buggy is a common sight along the country […]