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February 24, 2013

RAIN ON THE PLAINS I live in Pennsylvania, known for its hills and mountains.  So I had to travel to Arizona to see some really flat land that was visible for miles and miles.  The below photos were taken while traveling across an Indian reservation in Cameron, Arizona. In the middle of our drive the […]


January 29, 2013

THE FOG ROLLS IN The fog rolls in and over the land. It blocks my view of the beauty from where I stand. The mist from the weighted down clouds are like tears in my eyes and they cause me to frown. Oh! this fog brings  sadness to my day I pray that is would  soon […]


November 16, 2012

MYSTICAL PITTSBURGH A gray overcast day, surrounded by fog in the city of Pittsburgh, adds an air of mystery to the city skyline. BLUE MOON OVER PHOENIX This blue moon taken on a roof top deck, reminds me of spooky stories told under a full moon in the middle of the woods around a blazing […]


October 5, 2012

FOGGY MOOD IN PITTSBURGH This is a photo I took of a photo on the wall of a bicycle shop I visited on a photo shoot with my class last year.  The owner of the shop gave me permission to photograph it.  He didn’t know the name of the original photographer. I think this photo […]